Created, Choreographed, & Directed by Phoebe Brooks


Sunday, March 15th @ 4:00pm

Court Square Studios


Hang out with us afterwards for $5 drinks from Square Wine & Spirits while we jam to  Lion and Spaniel Feat. Wiley Basho Gorn.

Original Music By:
Lucas Segall
Kara Ali
Jordan Mart

Performers Include:
Joie Golomb
Alli Finn
Elizabeth Power
Anna Ramos
Lily Bo Shapiro 
Zoe Maltby
Becca Weiss
Patrick Sulken
Josiah Cavanaugh
Talya Wolf
Sophie Golomb
Sarah Pace
Roi King

What is it? This piece will happen in five rooms simultaneously. It is a ginormous game of telephone. Physical telephone.
How does it work? Example People: Alberta (A), Bryan (B) and Clive (C). Bryan dances to "Tiny Dancer"* while Alberta watches. "Tiny Dancer" ends, Bryan leaves the room and Clive enters the room and Alberta does Bryan's dance as best as she can remember it while Clive watches. "Tiny Dancer" ends. Alberta leaves the room, Clive does Alberta's version of Bryan's dance as best as he can remember it. etc. (A watches B, C watches A, D watches C and on and on) * Except instead of the genius of Elton John, we have five original musical compositions created specifically for this production!

Dance Telephone is a Drawing Room Event in collaboration with Feast Productions.