Rocking Dead: Bedlam

Written & Directed by aLyssa Kim
Produced by Zach Zamchick, Katherine Paige, April Clark, and Sahar Helmy

Originally produced in collaboration with Playing with Reality.

October 22 - October 31, 2015

Fight Director
Mitchell McCoy

Head of Makeup Department
Anthony Reyes

Costume Design
Christine Kahler

Lighting Design
Jamie Roderick

Scenic Design
Frank Oliva


Stage Manager
Gerome Samonte

Video Editor
Eliot Routh

Special Thanks
Shea Elmore, Jeff Wirth, Shannon Black, Jacob Langfelder, Stan & Carolynn Kearby, Russ & Donna Clark, Alexandra Spyridakis, Bob & Judy Peppercorn.


Rocking Dead: Bedlam is an immersive zombie thriller, set in a nightclub at the end of the world. Developed by members of Playing with Reality, New York's premier interactive theater company, audience members play pivotal roles in this post-apocalyptic exploration of morality and mayhem. Virals and normals alike will dance the night away, take sides in a zombie cage-match, and unleash the monster within us all.

Zoë Watkins, Kevin Percival, Trevor Buteau, BJ Burbidge, Sam Ogilvie, Nicole Orabona, Jenn Kent, Ines Lucas, Erin Timony Bump, Ethan Itzkow, Emilia Aghamirzai, Lily Blackburn, Jaime Fallon, & Laurel Percival.